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The pool has been blessed with an excellent staff throughout the years and the quality and experience of the staff can be attributed to strong administrative support as well as the fine cooperation of the membership of the Local.

Again this year, the staff will include the return of Herb Marble, as supervisor and manager, in his 30th season, with lifeguards: JoHannah Fields; Jake Fields; and Sarah Fields and Tyler Marble rounding out the pool staff.

It is the responsibility of this staff to maintain a safe and clean environment, which can only be done with the continued cooperation of all the membership. This has ensured an environment that has prevented any serious accidents over the years. Over a quarter million people have used this facility and many more have enjoyed the park for family reunions.

Opening the park for reunions have been a positive move for the membership; however, this privilege brings inherent problems if family members are not familiar with the long-established rules that have helped maintain our high standards for pool safety.

Please inform your extended family of the rules, especially the kids, to avoid accidents. The rules were made and approved to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone. They have served us well in maintaining a safe place for all. Some of the rules involve city ordinances; such as, “NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN THE POOL AREA.”

The entire staff appreciates your continued cooperation in adhering to both the park and pool rules and in helping to keep the area clean and beautiful. The park and pool rules are included for your benefit. Also, a brief summary regarding the pool can be found on the back of your pool card, which you should present each time that you enter the pool area.

We strongly request that you give the financial office AT LEAST A 2 WEEK NOTICE if you plan a family picnic so that the work schedule can be arranged to take care of the additional crowd and that we do not overbook the park.


Swimming lessons, for members’ families only, will be held every Monday in July.

Lesson times are as follows:
9:00 am – 9:50 am – Beginners
10:00 am – 10:50 am – Advanced Beginners
11:00 am – 11:50 am – Intermediate Swimmers

Children must be 7 years old by June 1 or ask special permission from the instructor to participate. The fee is $40 and $35 for each additional same family member.

The official sign-up begins Friday, June 1st at the guard’s desk. Members are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible with the guard on duty. The $40 fee will be required for advanced sign-ups to assure placement in desired classes. No refunds after lessons begin in July except at the discretion of the instructor.

For your convenience, we are attaching the pool and park rules and regulations.

The Building Committee would like to again thank the members and their families for their continued cooperation.

Have a happy and safe summer.

IBEW Local 124 Building Committee BC/smcopeiu277

Have a Fun and Safe Summer Regulations for Local 124’s Swimming Pool & Picnic Grounds




Swimming Pool & Picnic Rules and Regulations

The Building Committee of Local Union No. 124 has determined through careful analysis that the following rules are to be observed for the protection and safety of members, their wives, and children:

  • 1. Members, their wives, husbands, children, and grandchildren who wish to swim, can only enter the pool by showing their pool cards issued by the Local Union, and by registering at the pool entrance.
  • 2. All members may bring “TWO” guests per day on weekdays only. Guest will not be allowed to swim on weekends or holidays. This rule does not pertain to family reunions that have been scheduled and sanctioned in advance. Single adult members shall be allowed to bring a guest at any time.
  • 3. Retired or deceased members’ wives and children are eligible unless wife remarries.
  • 4. Family reunions, with at least 1-week advance notice to the Building Committee, along with a list of swimmers to be provided for entrance to the pool, will be permissible for the picnic area and pool.
  • 5. Due to the many requests for family reunions, there will be a limit of one (1) reunion per family per season. Also, for the comfort of Local 124 families, the park will be limited to two (2) family reunions per day.
  • 6. Insurance factors prohibit and limit other guests.
  • 7. Swimming pool opens Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, at 10 AM.
  • 8. Swimming pool closes Labor Day, 9 PM.
  • 9. Pool hours: Daily from noon until 9 PM, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10 AM to 9 PM Pool closed on Mondays unless a holiday falls on Monday. The telephone number for the telephone in the pool area changes each year. Call the local office for the number.
  • 10. Only those dressed in swimming suits are allowed on the swimming patios. NO STREET CLOTHES.
  • 11. Parents are responsible for their children in the wading pool.
  • 12. An adult must accompany each child under six years of age, who cannot swim.
  • 13. “No glass” bottles or containers allowed on pool decks, walks or lawns around the pool.
  • 14. Running, shoulder riding, dunking, or any games that endanger the comfort of swimmers or sunbathers, will be strictly prohibited in or around the pool.
  • 15. Not more than one person allowed on the diving board at a time, and there shall be no hanging on the board, rope or diving from the sides.
  • 16. No swimmer is allowed underneath the diving board, and no swimming is permitted in front of the board or wearing goggles in the diving area.
  • 17. Diving rings, small plastic or rubber rafts and snorkels will be permitted in the pool. No full-size body rafts.
  • 18. Hard objects of any kind shall not be thrown in the pool. Only soft designated “pool toys”.
  • 19. In case of an electrical storm or lightning, the pool shall be cleared.
  • 20. No pets or animals shall be permitted on deck, patio, walks or lawns around the pool.
  • 21. No alcoholic beverages in the pool area. No gum in the pool area.
  • 22. Because of Health Department Sanitation and Safety factors, no “FOOD OR DRINK”, other than water in plastic containers are allowed beyond tables.


  • 23. There will be no sitting or walking on the wall surrounding the pool deck.
  • 24. Swimmers shall provide their own combination lock for lockers in the dressing room.
  • 25. Valuables are to be locked in the dressing rooms, and locks are to be removed from the lockers when leaving.
  • 26. Children shall not play in the dressing rooms.
  • 27. The Pool Manager, or his Assistant, shall be in charge at all times, and they, and the lifeguards shall have complete authority to enforce all rules, including the limiting of activities of any person disturbing the enjoyment and safety of others.

Appeals from, or objections to, the decisions of the above shall be made to the Building Committee of Local Union 124.

Picnic Area

  • 1. The picnic area will be open April 15th and close November 1 of each year.
  • 2. The picnic area will open at 7 AM, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Mondays through Fridays the Picnic area will open at 9 AM and close at 11 PM.
  • 3. The shelter house cannot be reserved for family reunions. The shelter house is primarily to be used for shelter from inclement weather while picnicking in the park. The restrooms are for everyone’s convenience, at any time, when using the park. Please share the shelter house and make room for each other when there is inclement weather.
  • 4. Only members and their immediate families and widows of deceased members will be permitted to use the picnic area by showing their pool cards. In addition to the above, members or their spouses shall be permitted to bring the following persons as their guests: member’s father and mother and spouse’s father and mother. Family reunions, with at least one-week advance notice to the Building Committee, will be permissible for the picnic area and pool. Members, as usual, will be responsible for their guests.
  • 5. For the safety of the children, please do not drive more than 10 mph when entering or leaving the area.
  • 6. Each member shall clean up his or her own debris and place all trash and waste paper in the barrels provided in the picnic area.
  • 7. A sufficient number of picnic ovens have been provided in the picnic area. However, if an oven is not available, please share your oven with other members and their families. You are required to furnish your own fuel.
  • 8. Parents will be responsible for their children while using the picnic grounds and pool; particularly the wading pool.
  • 9. The picnic area is within the city limits. The city ordinance regulating the use of fireworks will be strictly enforced.
  • 10. For the protection of the children and members, the use of firearms, BB guns, slingshots and bow and arrows are strictly prohibited.
  • 11. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on Local 124 property on the days of regular or special meetings will not be allowed.

The Building Committee
John Fennesy
BZ Parscale
Greg Cianciolo
Roger Lake

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