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Union employees who receive a paycheck from a union and who pay for their own wireless can save 18% on select calling and data plans from AT&T. Make sure to let your staff employees know how they can save when they use union wireless.
NOTE: To start saving, visit your local AT&T store (bring proof that you are a union employee, like a business card) and reference AT&T Discount FAN #45842 or enroll online at

Union locals


Does your local pay for wireless service for your staff? Your office can save 22% on qualified monthly service charges through an AFL-CIO negotiated discount�??even if you are already using AT&T
AT&T also offers discounts on a wide range of other telecommunications services�??from teleconferencing to internet service and more�??that can help your union work smarter and save money.
NOTE: To start saving, contact Union Plus at or call 1-800-472-2005, ext 888.

member discount

Help to Save

Besides the “bulk� discounts for locals and staff, there’s also a 15% discount available for your members from Union Plus. Some 180,000 union members are already saving on select calling and data plans from AT&T. But that means many members are either paying full price or using a non-union wireless provider like Verizon Wireless, Sprint or T-Mobile.

Help spread the word about the Union Plus AT&T discount and urge your members to support a union company and good union jobs.
Credit approval, proof of current union employment or members and new two-year service agreement required. Up to $36 activation fee applies for 18% union employee discount. Limited time offer. Other conditions and restrictions apply.

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