IBEW 124 App

Download the IBEW Local 124 App Here

Jobs Available and Bidding on Jobs


Click on the LaborPower Mobile App to open it


Next click on the words IBEW 124 Membership Services.


Click the 3 lines in the top left corner to get to the navigation menu.


From the navigation menu and click on Jobs Available.


When Bidding is open you can view book numbers and Jobs Available by scrolling down.


Scrolling farther down will show Jobs Available. All of the book numbers are in real time. If you are not registered you will not be able to bid on a job.


To bid on a job you must click the box next to the employers name on the job you are bidding on.


Once you click a checkbox will appear like in the picture below.


You can view details by clicking on the +. Click on the Submit Bid Button.


If successful you should see Save Data Your bid preferences have been submitted. Click ok. IMPORTANT!!! If you do not receive an email please call the phone job line at (816)942-7508 and bid.
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