IBEW 124 App

Download and Install IBEW 124 App

It is very important you follow all of the steps so you dont end up with issues logging in!

If you would like to download the App directly without having to search you can click on the corresponding link below. This will allow you to skip step 1.

For Apple : Click Here
For Andriod : Click Here


Go to the App Store and search for the LaborPower App.


Download and Install the LaborPower Mobile App


Once installed click on the LaborPower Mobile App to open it


The first page that pops up is the initial setup page. From here you will click add account.


Next you will click the drop down to the right of select your union.


At the bottom you will go to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and click done.


Then you will click the drop-down menu the right of Select your Local and choose 0124. Then click done.


Next, you will click the drop-down the right of Select the Application Type. You will choose Membership Services then click done.


Next you will put your card number in the box under User Name and your password in the box below Password. The initial password is your last name all caps followed by the last 4 of your social. Example: MILLER0124 Then click test connection.


Once it verifies your user and password you will get this screen that says Successful Connection! Click ok


Next you will click save settings.


Next click on the words IBEW 124 Membership Services. This is how you will access your account from now on. Be careful not to click the Gear or the X as this will delete the account from your phone!


At first login you must change your password. Type in the new password of your choice.


Verify your email (Important!) Then click Change Password


If successful you should see Your password has been changed. Now click OK


Check your information then scroll down. Click Save then Click done and exit the App.


Click on the LaborPower Mobile App to re-open it


Next click on the gear to the left of the X. We must update your new password before you try to login


Delete the dots in the box below the word password and type the new password you just changed. Then Click Test Connection.


If successful you should see Your password has been changed. Now click OK


Next you will need to click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left for the menu


This is the navigation menu. You can access all of the pages in this menu

I will have instructions for paying dues and bidding soon!!

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