Buy American

Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to IBEW Local 124’s Buy American web page. Please be advised that the products, services, links and various items on this page are subject to change at all times. As active consumers please do your own homework on the products and services you pursue. The market is constantly changing and the product that was Amercian Made yesterday may not be today. Many products are identical in appearance and share the shelf with foreign manufactured products of the same model and style. The more you practice looking at the label, every label, the more it becomes second nature and old habit…. awareness is the answer. Please update us with your latest “Buy Amercian� purchase and/or knowledge. Any info you can share will help us keep this page as fresh as possible. If you come across any inaccurate or questionable information here, please inform us immediately so we can address it. Please share your knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and updates with us at American-Made-124. Thanks BZ Parscale Featured video View printable version
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