• Representative Curtis’ online petition in support of HB 2185!

    IBEW 1243 days ago

    Here is the link to Representative Curtis’ online petition in support of HB 2185! As you know, the bill had a hearing last session is held up in the House Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee. Please feel free to share the petition – hopefully we will be able to get the Committee to work the bill still yet this session!

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  • Unemployment Benefits Being Reduced ACT NOW!

    IBEW 1243 weeks ago

    Brothers & Sisters
    We need our members to contact their legislators in Jefferson City about the negative impact of
    reducing Unemployment Benefits to 13 weeks. (HB1409)
    You can call, email, write a letter, or make an office visit to express your concern of this bill.
    This bill will be on the House floor as early as Monday, January 29, 2018 and then off to the senate.
    We can only hope for an amendment to soften the blow.
    Our members MUST at some point engage in this process or we will continue to get picked apart.
    Below is the link for you to look up your legislator:


    In solidarity,
    Rudy Chavez

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  • RTW Wrong for Missouri

    IBEW 1241 month ago

    So-called “Right to Work” laws lower wages for all of us–while also allowing politicians to do the bidding of out-of-state CEO’s by interfering in the workplace and dictating how employers interact with their own employees.
    “Right to Work” is WRONG for Missouri. We hope you’ll join us today to protect Missouri jobs and families.

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  • KCI Design Workshop

    IBEW 1242 months ago

     IBEW members are urged to join in on these events and wear your colors to represent the IBEW. Make our presence know and show we would like to be involved in the construction of the new facilities.

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  • Wismettac Asian Foods Workers Vote to Join Teamsters

    IBEW 1245 months ago

    SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

    (SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif.) – Following a six-month organizing effort, 140 warehouse workers, drivers and other employees at Wismettac Asian Foods voted on September 19 to join Teamsters Local 630 in Los Angeles. The vote count was 75-22 in favor of union representation.

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  • Blue Collar Buzzword: ‘Solidarity’

    IBEW 1245 months ago

    October 2, 2017

    By Joe Maniscalco

    New York, NY – As this week’s Blue Collar Buzz episode demonstrated, American workers may continue to be under

    siege, but when we fight back, we also win.

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